Transmedia Activism Design Group

Transmedia Activism Design Group is a design and platform production group dedicated to creating and demonstrating social impact.

We offer complete and customized strategic design services for the effective use of media and storytelling toward social change.  We offer cross-platform planning, research and a systems design framework to build media campaigns that create and demonstrate impact.

Transmedia activism is a framework that creates social impact by using dynamic storytelling forms created by multiple decentralized authors and distributed across diverse media platforms to raise awareness and influence action.

Whether you are looking for a basic campaign design and strategy, or the tools or techniques to strengthen the effectiveness of your campaign strategy, we are ready to meet with you to discuss your project requirements.

In addition to our strategic design and consulting services, we specialize in educational consulting, content and issue research and critical creative engagement. Please contact us when you are ready to get started.
Lina Srivastava:
Vicki Callahan:

Our Services:
Campaign Design:
Customized Media Assessment
Issue and Goal Articulation
Identifying your Narrative Thread: Developing Your Story and Voice
Aligning Issue and Goal to Narrative Thread

Directed Research and Surveys of Content and Issues:
Gathering and Curating Issue-related news, media and information
Assessing Your Existing Content
Creating Original Content
Identifying Related Existing Content That Aligns with Your Project
Content Acquisition and Licensing Assistance
Creating an Integrated Archive or Collection of Issue-Directed Content

Collaboration Strategies: Partnerships and Community-Building

Finance Strategies:
Grant writing research and assistance
Preparing/coaching for financing pitches

Distribution Strategies:
Identifying Best Distribution Channels
Maximizing Outreach

Integrated Media Strategy:
Outlining Media Specs for your Campaign
Outreach Programming
Designing Media:
*Training on how to generate and edit content
*Basic tools: Equipment and Network Training
*Equipment Acquisition and Installation

Transmedia Analysis and Customization
“Quick Turn-Around” Prototypes
Ongoing Analysis of Campaign Strategy and Effectiveness
Applying quantitative and qualitative success metrics

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