“99% Art In the Public Realm: A Tool for Social Change Panel”

This Sunday, May 6, 2012, 1 pm:

“99% Art In the Public Realm: A Tool for Social Change Panel”
sponsored by Metropolis magazine

From Susan B. Komen to Kony, public discourse is the art “Happening,” taking to the streets and Tweets to affect global change and re-invention. This panel will review art and current events globally, where public performance and street art is on the rise and how artists, museums, urban interventions, interactive events and media now meet marketing and non-profits to engage audience.

Curator, Jade Dressler, Creative Director and Metropolis journalist, with Lina Srivastava, Jonathan Porcelli, Serena Saitas, Nicholas Coblence, Renata Lopes-Merriam, Philippe Achard. 
Presented by Kiwi Arts Group at site/109, 109 Norfolk Street, NYC