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    Transmedia activism is a framework that creates social impact by using storytelling by a number of authors who share assets and create content for distribution across multiple forms of media to influence social action. This work is under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
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Filmmaker Summit

The Workbook Project, Slamdance, and Open Video Alliance have put together a great group of speakers as part of the  Filmmaker Summit this Saturday, January 23, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm (US Mountain Time).   The Summit brings together innovators and organizers from the Indie and DIY world to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the current media landscape.  The impressive line up includes: Peter Baxter, Steven Soderbergh, Khavn De La Cruz, Brian Newman, Christy Dena, Jamie King, Jon Reiss, Lance Weiler, and Timo Vuorensola.  Perhaps as important as the gathering of the delegates and the accompanying dialogue is the larger approach and conversation the summit is trying to foster, that is, they are inviting a global audience into the streaming session as well as asking for your participation through a discussion forum about what you feel are the key issues facing contemporary media makers.  The commitment to open access and democratic process is central to the summit as you can see from the Producer’s Statement below.   As we all know, we are in a time of rapid and global transformation of information and expression brought on by digital technology, but it remains to be seen what the actual shape of that change will be.   It’s crucial we take every opportunity to connect in, network across, and participate in events that bring together folks helping to move this change into more democratic and inclusive directions.

The Institute for Multimedia Literacy at USC along with Columbia University will be participating in the summit from the online world with input on the forum as well as backchannel questions and twitter commentary.   I will be facilitating the event at the IML.  For those who want to follow the Filmmaker Summit on twitter, the hashtag is: #FS10

For  the streaming link, complete schedule, and detailed bios on the speakers, please click here.


The mission of the Slamdance, WorkBook Project and Open Video Alliance Filmmaker Summit is to jointly craft a new charter for filmmaking, storytelling and content distribution, with and by the global filmmaking community.Our collaboration is born out of reaction to an independent film industry currently in a state of change and how, as a global filmmaking community, we can better understand and find greater success afforded by new technology and the democratization of new tools and processes.

We believe sustainable independent filmmaking is no longer about the production itself. Instead, it’s about how filmmakers must now expand their role and take charge of reaching and engaging worldwide audiences across all viewing platforms. In this direct approach, the viewer is now collaborative, less passive and more connected then every before. New business models will emerge as a direct result of experimentation and transparency around process, the Filmmaker Summit is an attempt to chart a course towards sustainability one that is by filmmakers for filmmakers while at the same time being inclusive of the audiences that support them.